2020-2022 Late Certification Renewal Instructions

Please watch this video on how to log your CE and submit your renewal application.


 Certification renewal requirements include:

  • Submission of 20 hours of continuing education* (see CE Information for Certification for details)

  • Complete the Certification Renewal Application. Click here to complete the form.
  • Certification dues ($152 + $25 late fee per quarter)
*If you were certified mid-cycle of the 2018-2020 cycle, you may not be required to submit 20 hours CE at renewal.  

Getting started:

About the process:

  • All CE needs to be entered into your CE log in your Member Profile prior to submitting the application for renewal.
  • Once you fill out and submit your 2020-2022 renewal application, you will receive an application summary via email within 15 minutes of submission. Keep this message for your records. 
  • Each Certification Renewal Application must go through CE review to ensure the continuing education requirements were met; this process can take up to 6 weeks. If your CE submission has any irregularities or your CE reviewer has any questions, we will contact you for further clarification.
  • Certification cards are not being mailed this year. If you were notified that your Certification Renewal Application was approved, you will receive an email with instructions on printing or downloading a pdf of your new certification card.