CACVT 2021 Focus Conference: Large Animals

Join CACVT and Shana Lemmenes, CVT, VTS (Equine Veterinary Nursing) for a day focused on large animal topics. Earn 5 hours of RACE-approved CE on-demand until June 30, 2021, while furthering your knowledge and learning more about what it takes to become a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Equine Veterinary Nursing.  You must complete all 5 lectures to obtain your CE certificate.  No partial credit will be awarded.

Actual comments we received from our members on this event:

"This was the best CE I've been to! Very interesting, great information, fun, knowledgeable presenter. Highly recommended!! I loved it!!"

"This was a great CE. I am excited for the next Focus CE."

"Loved it. Love hearing about real cases with video and pictures."


On-Demand Lecture List


Working with a Neurological Horse: Be Prepared, Be Safe!

A neurologic horse can be dangerous not only to itself, but to veterinary staff as well. Knowing what equipment, you should have ready, and how to use that equipment is of utmost importance. If a horse is down in the trailer, do you know how to get it out? Do you know how to use a sling? Is it safe to sedate a neurologic horse? This course will cover how to safely work with a neurologic horse, the equipment used and some of the most common reasons a horse becomes neurologic.


Neonatal Care: Is Your Team Ready for Foaling Season?

Foals, foals everywhere! Foals present a unique set of challenges. Is the mare easy to handle? Is it an orphan foal? Is it a dummy foal? Does the foal need oxygen? This course will cover a hospital foal unit set up, common reasons a foal will come into the hospital and the equipment needed to treat those foals.


Bandaging and Casts for Large Animals

Knowing the difference between the various bandage materials and why a bandage is needed is key to being prepared. Whether faced with an emergency leg fracture, or a chronic wound, you can be ready! Being able to monitor that bandage or cast for complications is just as important. This course will cover the most commons reasons we bandage, various bandage materials and what they are used for, and also complications bandages and casts can cause.


Food and Fiber Animal Emergencies

Emergency medicine can be a very stressful situation no matter what species is being worked on. Food and fiber animals sometimes present additional challenges, such as the pig that screams whenever it is touched or the beef bull that isn't halter broken and charges anytime you go near it. Being prepared with the right equipment and setting up in the right area of the hospital will help you to work efficiently and get things done safely. This course will cover many common food and fiber animal emergencies and how to prepare for those emergencies.


The Road to Becoming a VTS in Equine Veterinary Nursing

There are many reasons to become a veterinary technician specialist and for each person those reasons may vary a little bit. For many veterinary technicians, the process is scary and daunting. This lecture covers the requirements for becoming a VTS, the application process, and the additional opportunities out there for a VTS.

Event Pricing

Members................. $45
Student Members.... $15
Non-members.......... $85


About our speaker: Shana Lemmenes, CVT, VTS (EVN)

Shana Lemmenes, CVT, VTS (EVN) has worked as a technician since 2011 in both small animal and academia. She went on to obtain a specialty in Equine Veterinary Nursing in 2015. She is a senior veterinary technician at the University of Minnesota Large Animal Veterinary Medical Center and works mainly with surgery & lameness. Her greatest interests outside of large animal surgery are emergency medicine and hippotherapy. Shana has also co-edited a textbook for Elsevier: Mosby's Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians, 5th edition. She lives an hour south of the twin cities with her 8yr old daughter, and boyfriend. They have two dogs, a Viszla cross named Daisy and a field springer named Mazie.

For questions regarding this event, please email [email protected]. There will be no refunds for this event. The live event will be presented via Zoom webinar.