Already a CVT in Colorado?

CACVT is in its 2018-2020 Certification Cycle!

Certification Renewal Applications for the 2020-2022 Certification Cycle will be available online in May of 2020 (Due by June 30, 2020). Please review the CE Guidelines in order to meet the requirements of the 2020-2022 Certification Cycle.

If you intended to renew your certification and were a current CVT through June 30, 2018 but missed the deadline for certification renewal, your certification has been terminated.  To re-certify, please submit the Application below.

Late Certification Renewal Application

A Certified Veterinary Technician:

  • Graduates from an AVMA-accredited veterinary technology program

  • Passes the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE)

  • Registers with the state credentialing entity*

  • Maintains Certification renewal and Continuing Education requirements throughout career

*CACVT is the certifying entity and professional association for Certified Veterinary Technicians in Colorado.

Individuals will be considered CVTs in the state of Colorado as long as they meet the above criteria.

Any CVT who does not submit required CE requirements and dues by June 30 of each even year, in accordance with the 2 year certification cycle, will have their certification terminated as of July 1.

Preparing for Certification Renewal

Certification Renewal requirements include:

  • Complete Certification Renewal Application

  • 20 hours of Continuing Education (see CE Guidelines for details)

  • Certification Dues

If you were certified mid-cycle of the 2018-2020 cycle, you may not be required to submit 20 hours CE at renewal.  Please see How much CE is required to renew my certification? for further instructions. 

CACVT opens the Certification Renewal Application on May 1 of each even year.

  • Ensure that you have the following on-hand as you complete the Certification Renewal application:
    • CE file from the previous two-year certification cycle (or the time between your VTNE pass date and the opening of the renewal session)
    • Recent pay-stub or other record of your hourly pay and employer address.
      • You will be asked for your hourly pay rate in the Demographics section of the application.
    • Credit Card/Check/Money Order (determined by your application submission method)

After submitting the Certification Renewal Application

  • You will receive an email summary of your application within 15 minutes of submission. Keep this message in your records with the CE file that you submitted with the application.
  • Each Certification Renewal Application must go through CE Review to ensure that Continuing Education Requirements were met; this process can take up to 6 weeks. If your CE Submission has any irregularities or your CE Reviewer has any questions you will be contacted by CACVT for further clarification.
  • Certification cards are mailed to to all CVTs in a single bulk mailing in August of renewal years. If you were notified that your Certification Renewal Application was approved you will receive a new certification card with this mailing.