Did you forget to renew your certification in 2018?

If you intended to renew your certification and were a current CVT through June 30, 2018 but missed the deadline for certification renewal, your certification has lapsed. To re-certify, please submit the application below. 

To become current through June 30, 2022, you will need to submit 40 hours of CE (at least half technical) and make a payment of $404.00 ($152 Dues for 2018-2020 membership + $100 late fee for 2018-2020 cycle plus $152 Dues for 2020-2022 membership + $25 late fee/quarter). Please note, waiting until the next certification cycle will not eliminate the late fees. 

Once your application has been processed and approved, your certification will be current until 6/30/2022.  

Late Renewal Application - NOT FOR 2020-2022 CYCLE
If your certification has lapsed from 2016 or earlier, please email [email protected] for further instructions.