Effective Study Strategies for the VTNE

A free, live webinar event exclusive to CACVT student members
hosted by CACVT featuring Dr. Steve McLaughlin

May 3, 2021 7-8pm

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Are you feeling the pre-VTNE jitters? Have test anxiety? Have you been dreading this test for the last year? With the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) approaching, now is a good time to get oriented to effective prep strategies for big tests.  

Dr. McLaughlin is a popular speaker at veterinary and veterinary technician schools throughout North America, co-creator of the VIN NAVLE Prep course and founder of the Zuku Review. During this webinar, he will cover effective prep strategies for time-stressed people.  

We'll review the structure of VTNE, what to expect on test day and cover study and test-taking routines that build confidence.  We will practice with VTNE-format questions and topics and show you how to answer effectively even when you don't know the answer. In an ocean of information, this is your life jacket.  

Join CACVT and Dr. McLaughlin for an evening of VTNE preparation! Focus on test taking strategies to give you a confidence boost before heading into the VTNE!  

This event is made possible by Zuku Review.

Actual comments from students that attended this presentation in November:

"Very informative and helpful!"

"This gave me a lot of good tips. I look forward to using the study resources I now know about!"

"This was an awesome presentation and the speaker was so knowledgeable and so helpful!"

"This was was extremely helpful and makes me stress a little less for the test."

"It was nice to get a bigger perspective on something that has been consuming our lives as tech students."

Speaker Information 

Steven I. McLaughlin DVM, MPH, DACVPM

Dr. Steven I. McLaughlin is the founder and president of the Zuku Review, an online test preparation service for veterinary technicians and veterinarians. 

He is a graduate of the Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine, class of '91. He did mixed practice on the shores of Lake Ontario in northern New York and in Ecuador as a Peace Corps volunteer, where he worked with campesino farmers in the high Andes and learned how not to ride a horse.

As a "disease detective" for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Dr. McLaughlin worked for 9 years on public health problems ranging from tuberculosis in prison inmates to polio in Nepal, elephantiasis in Haiti and Japanese encephalitis in China and India.

His lifelong interest in teaching and effective learning models led him to start the Zuku Review.