Are you interested in joining the board of directors, but not sure if it's a good fit? Here are the answers to your questions!

Who can be nominated or elected to the CACVT Board of Directors? 

Any CACVT member (RVTs, students, and associates) can nominate someone – or themselves! — for the board of directors. Board members use a matrix to ensure there is diverse representation of the many aspects of veterinary medicine, as well as skill sets, here in Colorado. One of the areas we look at is career length, so even if you have only been a RVT for 6 months or are a seasoned RVT with 16 years experience, we want your input! 

What about non-RVTs? We recognize the value of having an outside perspective on the board to help in key areas and encourage you to nominate a DVM, CVPM, or someone you feel is a true champion of RVTs. There are limitations, however, to the number of non-RVTs on the board, as we want to truly represent our members.

What is the process?

Once we have received a nomination, the Board Development Committee reviews the application and contacts the potential candidate. The Board Development Committee presents a slate of nominees to the board for approval, and then our members vote during the month of March. New board members – known as directors – are announced at the Annual Membership Meeting. New directors begin their training in late June/early July to begin their board term July 1st. Each term is 2 years, with the option to renew for an additional term for a total of 4 years. During a board member's term, they will be eligible to move from a director role into an officer role such as President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer. Specific training and mentorship is offered for board directors interested in officer positions.

What does the board do?

The board of directors is the formal governing body responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of CACVT. The board's purpose is to ensure that CACVT vision and mission, and fiscal health, are being maintained and fulfilled. It's a fun and exciting opportunity to work with colleagues to advance the career of veterinary technicians! 

The following is the overall role of the board of directors:

  • Set mission, purpose, strategic direction – this happens annually during a facilitated meeting where collaboration and innovative ideas are encouraged!
  • Selection, support, and evaluation of the Executive Director 
  • Approve new or revised policies and ensure compliance
  • Update and revise board governance documents, as needed
  • Monitor, support, evaluate, and strengthen member programs, activities, and services
  • Ensure adequate financial resources for the organization to fulfill its mission
  • Protect assets and provide proper financial oversight
  • Build a competent, engaged, and effective board
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity
  • Enhance the organization's public standing
  • Represent the body of CVTs in the state of Colorado

You may be wondering, how does CACVT support new board members? Once new directors are elected by their peers, they start off in a director role the first year and have the option to move into an officer role after the first year. We have strong orientation and mentorship programs to ensure all directors coming onto the board feel comfortable in their roles and empowered to voice their viewpoints. We are proud of our collegial, supportive atmosphere!

It's important to remember it's not all on you! You will be working with your fellow board members to ensure a strong organization. Many past board members recall their tenure on the board as a wonderful experience where they grew as CVTs and made lifelong connections.

When does the board meet?

The board meets every 2 months for about 2 hours, and occasionally monthly as needed. The preparation time for meetings is 1–2 hours, depending on the good work the board is doing. Each board member is also required to be a part of a committee, which can add 2–4 hours per month depending on the committee. Here are some examples of our committees:

  • Finance committee: Reviews CACVT financials monthly, makes recommendations on budget items and financial policies
  • Board Development committee: plans development activities to ensure the board is constantly learning and growing, facilitates the nominations and election process
  • Membership committee: work with the Membership & Credentialing Manager to ensure superb member benefits
  • Events committee: work with the Executive Director to plan CACVT events and the Spring Conference
  • Advocacy committee: work with fellow board members and CACVT members to plan advocacy activities, represent RVTs to affiliate organizations, and work on initiatives such as the Veterinary Practice Act Sunset Review

Board members also represent CACVT at events, including our CE opportunities, and occasionally at affiliate organization events. The biggest commitment is Spring Conference, held annually at the end of April.

Where does this all happen?

Typically, the board meets either via Zoom or in-person. Before COVID, the board would meet in-person every other meeting. Meetings are located in the Denver metro area, but don't worry if you live outside this area. Zoom is always an option, and CACVT provides reimbursement for certain travel expenses depending on where you live.

CACVT Board of Directors

Why join the board of directors?

Everyone's why is a bit different. For some, it is an opportunity to guide the direction of the profession not only for themselves but for all RVTs. For others, it is an exciting opportunity to build relationships with similarly motivated individuals. The commonality of all board members is a deep interest in promoting CVTs and ensuring our careers become more and more sustainable. What is your why? And what will you do because of your why?

Not quite sure, but interested in hearing more?

Reach out to our Board Development committee to talk more about your interest: [email protected]

Ready to submit a nomination?

Nominations will be open again in October 2024!