2024 Credential Renewal Information

Registering as a veterinary technician in Colorado is a 2-step process: credentialing with the CACVT and registering with DORA. If you are not registered with DORA, please also refer to this page.  If you are registered with DORA but do not have a credential from CACVT (due to an endorsement from another state), please refer to this page

Every other year, on the even years, all credentials need to be renewed with CACVT by June 30th to prepare for registration renewal with DORA by October 31st. These are two separate processes; continue reading for instructions and requirements for credential renewal with the CACVT.  If you have a provisional registration from DORA and are not yet credentialed with the CACVT, you will need to contact DORA to find out what your renewal requirements will be.

 Credential renewal requirements include:

  • Submit 20 hours of continuing education* (click here for CE FAQs)

  • Complete the Credential Renewal Application below
  • Submit the Credentialing fee of $150 (late fee will apply after 6/30/2024)
*If you graduated and passed your VTNE mid-cycle of the 2022-2024 cycle, you may not be required to submit 20 hours CE at renewal. Check your credential confirmation email for specifics.

Get started today by logging your CE!

About the process:

  • All CE needs to be entered into the CE log in your Member Profile before submitting the Credential Renewal Application.
  • Each Credential Renewal Application must go through CE review to ensure the continuing education requirements were met; this process can take up to 6 weeks. If there are any questions regarding your submitted CE, we will contact you for further clarification.
  • An audit of 10% of the individuals who submit renewal applications will be required to provide CE certificates for all of their submitted hours.  To expedite the process, it is recommended to have them uploaded in your CE log but is not required to submit a renewal application.
  • Credential certificates will not be mailed. Once your Credential Renewal Application is approved, you will receive an email with instructions on printing or downloading a PDF of your new credential certificate to submit to DORA for registration renewal. 
  • The final step to continue to be a veterinary technician in Colorado is to renew your registration with DORA.
Credential Renewal Application

Add on a CACVT professional association membership:

  • Starting with the 2024-2026 renewal, CACVT membership is optional (membership is different from credentialing). Being a veterinary technician used to be a voluntary process in CO but now that credentialing is required, we separated out our membership to be optional.
  • Continue to be a professional member of the CACVT and keep the wonderful benefits that will now only be available to members.