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Spring Conference

CACVT's annual Spring Conference is a confluence of engaged CVTs, veterinary technology students, veterinary professionals, and leaders in the veterinary industry. Our attendees are looking to expand their knowledge and learn about the latest advancements in the veterinary industry. We host the nation's foremost experts in veterinary education in line with CACVT's commitment to empowering our CVTs to practice at the top of their skill and knowledge limits.

Spring Conference 2023 expected attendance: 300 attendees, in-person conference 
Spring Conference 2022: 812 attendees, hybrid conference
Spring Conference 2021: 464 attendees, hybrid conference

CACVT Events (Virtual and In-person) 

CACVT has a number of events each year available for sponsorship in addition to Spring Conference. This can include anywhere from hosting a table in-person to promoting your marketing materials on event communications. To check out our upcoming events, head over to our website and the "CE" tab.

Click below to view our 2023 Sponsorship Guide, including our 2023 Spring Conference sponsorship opportunities! 

2022-2023 Sponsorship Guide

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