You have questions, we have answers! See below for frequently asked questions regarding the two-step registration process.  
How much will credentialing and registration cost? 
CACVT credential fees, which are on a two-year renewal cycle, are $152 and prorated quarterly during the cycle. Registration with the Department of Regulatory Agencies is $90 for registration plus $40 for the Peer Health Assistance Program every 2 years. 
When does the DORA registration application open?
The registration application is now open! Click here to head over to DORA's website
I'm already credentialed with CACVT. What's next?
Please visit the registration page for detailed instructions on what to do next!
I'm credentialed in another state. How do I register in Colorado?
DORA will be processing out of state transfers per the Occupational Credential Portability Program.
Who is qualified to endorse hours completed in the role of a veterinary technician, and when do these hours have to be completed?
Any licensed veterinarian who can attest to your hours and skills within the 7 years prior to submitting the Work Experience Verification Form may sign the endorsement. Multiple forms may be submitted if one veterinarian cannot attest to all the skills and/or hours, but at least one must be licensed in Colorado. And no, the hours do not have to be consecutive, but must be from the 7-year period immediately prior to form submission.
Is there a consequence for calling yourself a veterinary technician, registered veterinary technician, RVT, or VT as an unregistered individual?
The consequence for an unregistered individual using any of the titles listed above is a misdemeanor beginning 1/1/2024.
How do I become registered via one of the experience-based pathways if I have already been working as a veterinary technician for over 6500 hours and by when do I need to register?
Registration is a two-step process for individuals who already meet the requirements of one of the experience-based pathways. You will first apply for a credential with CACVT, and once approved, you can head over to DORA's website to submit your registration application by 12/31/23.
How do I become registered if I don't yet meet the requirements?
If you don't quite meet the requirements of either experience-based pathway, and won't before 12/31/23, you will have to apply for a provisional registration with DORA which allows you to complete the requirements of one of the pathways by 12/31/27. Once you meet the requirements of either experience-based pathway, you must apply for a credential within 28 days
Can I become a CACVT member while working on an experience-based pathway?
Yes! Becoming a CACVT member is a great way to prepare to take the VTNE, stay informed on processes, take advantage of member benefits, and add your voice to CACVT's advocacy endeavors. For more information on memberships, click here
HELP! I was certified but let it expire years ago, what do I do to prepare for registration?
Starting now through the end of 2023, you will have an opportunity to renew your credential via a few different pathways. To explore your options, click here.
Most of my hours were worked outside of Colorado. Do those hours count towards an experience-based pathway?
Any hours worked in the 7-year timeframe immediately prior to application will count. The only requirement is that at least one veterinarian verifying your hours is licensed in Colorado.
Will all credentialed veterinary technicians be required to take CE?
Yes, all veterinary technicians will need to follow the CE requirements for renewal to keep their credential current for registration. As of 2022, the CE requirement is 20 hours every 2 years, 10 of which must be medical in nature.
Will there be task restrictions for anyone not working in the role of veterinary technician?
There is currently no task restriction for anyone working under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. If you choose not to register as a veterinary technician, you will be able to continue working in your role but will not legally be allowed to use any of the following titles: RVT, VT, veterinary technician, registered veterinary technician.
Am I CVT or RVT?

2023 is a transition year, allowing credentialed veterinary technicians time to register with DORA and continue to practice under the title Veterinary Technician. 

Anyone holding an active credential with CACVT who has not yet registered with DORA, is still a CVT.  Once a CVT registers with DORA, they become an RVT. Everyone who wants to continue practicing as a veterinary technician has to register by December 31, 2023. Beginning January 1st, 2024, there will no longer be CVTs because all veterinary technicians will have to be registered to use the title.