Retired Professional Membership

Retired Memberan individual who was previously a credentialed veterinary technician and is no longer engaged in day-to-day practice of veterinary medicine.

Stay in touch with your profession through CACVT events, publications, and member benefits!

A retired membership is an affordable, convenient way to help make this possible after you’ve left full-time work. CACVT is the perfect forum to share your extensive knowledge and experience with the rest of the profession. Participating in association committees and events is a great way to give back to the profession you remain part of, in your retirement.

Qualifications: A previously credentialed member with CACVT, who is/was in good standing and has been credentialed for a minimum of ten (10) years* at the time of retirement from practice.

A retired member will pay reduced membership dues compared to credentialed members, and will retain all voting rights and benefits as a credentialed member. A retired member is not required to submit continuing education with their renewal. A retired member is no longer credentialed and is ineligible for registration with DORA.

Application for Retired Membership

*10 total consecutive years as a credentialed veterinary technician (transfer) with at least 6 of those years as a CACVT active certified member.